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Promachus bastardii

This is the giant robber fly Promachus bastardii. That name seems to mean "the bastard's champion." I understand the champion part, at least; these are carnivorous flies that take large prey. They're big, hairy, aggressive, and loud. In close-up they're unexpectedly cute, with their bulging eyes and blond facial hair.


Promachus bastardii on a branch

From certain angles, they remind me of terriers.

male Promachus bastardii on a branch, side view

Males have a white tag at the end of their abdomens, rather like a lobster's tail fan.

female Promachus bastardii hanging vertically from a twig

Females have a tapering abdomen and run larger.

female Promachus bastardii on a branch
female Promachus bastardii grooming her eyes
Promachus bastardii on a camera bag's zipper pull, face view

These guys can be challenging to stalk because of their good eyesight, but sometimes they obviously see me and just aren't impressed. This one rode around on my camera bag and ignored the lens I was sticking in its face.

Promachus bastardii face closeup

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Those are some eyes! And it's kind of....fuzzy!